Long time, no bark. In reality, it’s only been a few days since I’ve posted anything, but several days following nearly three months of daily interaction can feel like an eternity. 

I’ve had a blast participating within the bloggersphere using this Francis the Frenchie page—creating stories and poems from the prompts of others, providing prompts of my own for fellow writers, or scribbling some other dog related article. 

Unfortunately, life has prevented me from continuing my streak; a nearly four-month-old baby, year-old puppy, and a wife who never ages beyond twenty-nine keep me rather busy. I also have other writing projects I’d like to invest time in, as well as hobbies outside the borders of a pen and paper that I’m not willing to sacrifice. 

Maybe when life works its way into a smoother groove or more time is added to our short, twenty-four hour days, I can re-inject my presence into the fast-paced world of maintaining a blog. 

I appreciate everyone who engaged with any of my posts or tried their own hand at the daily phrase or daily Triolet challenges that I offered. See you soon! Woof, woof!