I cracked open my notebook, ready to fill it with at least the day’s doings and several ideas for future plans; however, my astute puppy, inching closer with every second our eyes weren’t locked, surely had different intentions for how my time would be spent. 

The next hour slipped away: throwing the ball, getting the ball from places it got stuck, chasing the dog, running away from the dog chasing me—on and on. 

While trying to stuff my space to be creative, the dog proved even more creative in stealing attention.

Prompted from Three Line Tales at: https://only100words.xyz/2021/11/25/three-line-tales-304/.

Photo credit: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

Prompted from Three Things Challenge at: https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2021/12/02/three-things-challenge-800/.