As part of Fibbing Friday, questions are presented in hopes respondents will take the truth and chew it to pieces. Let’s see if my answers make you howl!

The Questions

1. What is a rolling stock?

2. What is a rolling deck?

3. What is role play?

4. What is ‘on a roll’?

5. What does a rolling stone gather?

6. What is a rolling boil?

7. What is a rolling pin?

8. What is a steam roller?

9. What is a roller coaster?

10. What is a roller skate?

My Answers

1. Rolling stock is simply the standard way for a dog to roll over.

2. When a dog does a rolling deck, they roll over, but halfway through, they play dead before finishing the rotation.

3. I love role playing: Dad barks like me, and I try to say words like him. It’s a pity neither of us understands one another.

4. I guess humans care for butter or jam on their rolls, but I can only imagine my teeth on a roll.

5. Depending on the size, a rolling stone would likely gather my paw prints because I’d be following it and helping it continue along by batting at it like a ball of string.

6. Rolling boils always land me in timeout. They are when a burst of naughty energy boils somewhere deep in my wrinkles, and it doesn’t pass until it rolls through my system. I would think my parents would have more compassion for my situation as a puppy.

7. The humor is hollow in this, but Dad thinks it’s hilarious when he gets me to roll over and then halfway through he’ll pin me. Rolling pins are so annoying.

8. Usually, after a Dad gives me a rolling pin, I like to give him a steam roller. This is when I wait until the bathroom is really steamy from one of his hot showers, and I roll up the rugs, exposing any wet feet to an extremely slippery surface. 

9. I love when my parents are throwing a party at the house, and one of the coasters falls from a table. I get it as fast as I can and have fun trying to round off the corners by gnawing on them; they roll better that way, of course.

10. A roller skate is when Dad plays the rolling pin game with Mom, whose name is Kate.

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