French Bulldogs have taken the dog ownership world by storm. From the everyday person to the most famous, the breed is a hot commodity. Compiled is a continuation of a list of five faces you may easily recognize with their Frenchie counterparts, who deserve more of the limelight than their owners.

Mario Lopez with Julio Cesar Chavez & Oscar De La Hoya

Mario Lopez, a boxing fanatic, buttoned the sweet science to the sweetest breed of dog out there, naming his Frenchies after two legendary prizefighters.

Martha Stewart with Bete Noire & Creme Brûlée

Not only can Martha Stewart pin the perfect decor around your home’s interior, she also highlights how to furnish your family with Frenchies. At one point, it was known that Stewart owned four Frenchies.

Michael Phelps with Juno & Legend

How ironic is it that the world’s greatest Olympic swimmer is passionate about a breed that is notorious for not having the proper build for a pool? In the photo, it appears Phelps is in the middle of a training session, practicing his chin stroke.

Reese Witherspoon with Pepper

What a great picture of Witherspoon and her stud of a Frenchie, Pepper!

Shaun White with Rambo

Some bulldogs, both French and English, crave cruising around on a skateboard. Who better to learn from than an X-Games gold medalist? Lucky Rambo!