“We had planned to meet under the bridge at midnight, but she never showed,” he explained, again, while seated under some hot interrogation lights. 

The officer dug deeper, “You seem very angry about her not showing up.”

“I was,” he began, “because she was supposed to bring a French Bulldog I had already put a $500 down payment on, and this was the third time she had flaked.”

A different officer walked into the room holding a blanket and bundled inside was a palm-sized, brindle puppy; the man in question lit up immediately.

“That’s the puppy I was supposed to be picking up,” he said.

Apparently, the woman was found dead in her car several blocks away from the bridge, and the information they had collected clarified why this man was her last known contact while alive; moreover, since the man was no longer a suspect and the officers didn’t want to place the puppy in a shelter, the two were allowed to walk out of the station together. 

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