French Bulldogs have taken the dog ownership world by storm. From the everyday person to the most famous, the breed is a hot commodity. Compiled is a list of five faces you may easily recognize with their Frenchie counterparts, who deserve more of the limelight than their owners.

1. Dwayne Johnson and Hobbs

The muscular frame of a Frenchie may not match that of “The Rock,” but they can sure make a hidden soft spot visible—just as Hobbs showcases in the picture with Johnson—no matter how hardened the exterior.

2. Hugh Jackman and Dali

Though Jackman is pictured in street clothes, he and his Frenchie, Dali, survey the streets, ready to step into the role of superhero at a moment’s notice.

3. Jonah Hill and Carmela

Following Jonah Hill’s incredible body transformation, the award for ‘thickest member of the family’ now goes to his stealth, black Frenchie, Carmela.

4. Lady Gaga and Asia, Gustav, & Koji

The pop princess owns three, adorable Frenchies. Earlier this year, Lady Gaga made headlines after her dog walker was shot in the midst of a petnapping. Luckily, the story ends well with the stolen dogs returned. Now, the pack is full again with Gaga, Asia, Gustav, Koji,

5. Leonardo Dicaprio and Django

Dicaprio’s passion for movies and Frenchies likely led to his decision of naming his precious pooch Django.