Do you ever walk around your neighborhood and notice an incredible amount of dog waste lining the sidewalk? Did you, then, stop to wonder how your city and state compares with others around the country in terms of irresponsibility displayed amongst lazy owners? Protect My Paws went on a hunt for the answer. 

In order to understand what’s going on with dogs, Protect My Paws used the app featuring a bird, “Protect My Paws analyzed Twitter data to see which cities and states tweet the most about abandoned dog poop.”

10 Worst Cities

When the tweets per hundred thousand people were closely examined, the cities with the most complaints included:

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (74.2)

2. Seattle, Washington (63.9)

3. Atlanta, Georgia (61.8)

4. San Francisco, California (54.9)

5. Buffalo, New York (49.9)

6. Norfolk, Virginia (45.7)

7. Austin, Texas (44.7)

8. New Orleans, Louisiana (44.7)

9. Washington D.C. (44.5)

10. Minneapolis, Minnesota (43.9)

10 Worst States

The states with the highest number of incidents included:

1. Colorado (15.4)

2. Oregon (15.3)

3. New Hampshire (11.5)

4. Washington (11.3)

5. Minnesota (11.1)

6. New York (10.8)

7. Arizona (10.4)

8. North Dakota (10.1)

9. Vermont (9.8)

10. California (9.2)

On the other end of the spectrum, Delaware scored the cleanest at 1.5.

Regardless of where in the country you live with your beloved dog, it’s important to know for those cavalier about collecting the contaminant: someone is surely watching and tweeting from the comfort of their living room about your disgusting behavior.