The Questions

Would you rather:

  1. Do housework or yard work?
  2. Clean the kitchen or the bathroom?
  3. Do laundry or dishes?
  4. Mow or edge the lawn?
  5. Get up early or stay up late
  6. Cook or eat out?
  7. Go to a restaurant or order take-out/delivery?
  8. Vacuum or dust?
  9. Have a large party or a small group gathering
  10. Read fiction or non-fiction?

My Answers

1. I prefer yard work because it’s more fun to dig weeds out of the grass like a shovel and soak up all the sun’s rays.

2. I’d rather clean the kitchen because there are so many tasty crumbs and other edible items to harvest from the ground.

3. Laundry is a blast. I always help my Dad with laundry by sitting on top of the most recently folded item; this prevents it from escaping. 

4. It’s too close to call between edging and mowing. I hate both because they scare me half to death, but it’s so hard not to go into the yard every chance I get. I spend most of my time barking wildly. 

5. Dad gets up early, so I do too. If it was up to me, I’d sleep until whenever the next feeding is.

6. Cooking means I have a better chance of something falling on the floor. 

7. When Mom and Dad do decide to eat somewhere other than home, it’s always best when they choose a restaurant because I’m allowed to go and get a doggie bag.

8. Dusting is way better than vacuuming. The vacuum is so loud. I run and hide in my crate when I hear that monster. 

9. Small gatherings are more enjoyable because I can ensure I try out everyone’s lap. In a large party setting, I can’t get to all the people, which, surely, will upset those who were left out.

10. Dad’s favorite genre is memoir. I can’t read. 

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