As part of Fibbing Friday, questions are presented in hopes respondents will take the truth and chew it to pieces. Let’s see if my answers make you howl!

1. Where did fireworks originate?

Fireworks originated in Paris, France. The people of France were so excited to have successfully bred a French Bulldog—blending Toy Bulldogs with local ratters in the 1800s—that cheering across the country commenced. A group of individuals were standing too close to a barrel containing gun powder, and one of them accidentally tossed their cigarette into the barrel while celebrating. This sparked a tremendous burst of beautiful lights exploding into the air; hence, the birth of fireworks. 

2. What gives fireworks their color?

The color of fireworks actually works like a mood ring. Interestingly enough, nobody sees the bountiful colors the same. If you want to change the color of fireworks, here’s some solid advice: change your mood!

3. What does PGI stand for?

PGI stands for Pugs Gets Ignored. It’s more than annoying when some casual dog lover acts forgetful and confuses a French Bulldog with a Pug. Sure, we both have squished in faces, but Pugs lack ears that fly in the sky like satellites, nubs for tails, and they only come in a coat of one color. 

4. What is the difference between a Firework and a Firecracker?

A firework must clock in before doing what it’s supposed to; whereas, a firecracker is used to heat a bowl of soup. I’m not sure how there is confusion about this.

5. Which country uses fireworks on August 20th to mark it National Celebration Day?

August 20, 1802 was the day the Frenchie came into existence. This national day is celebrated with fireworks in every city of France. 

6. What is a sparkler?

A sparkler is a Frenchie who has zoomies for more than half a day. When a French Bulldog dashes from here to there with an uncontrollable level of excitement in short bursts, it can bring a smile to your face. On the other hand, when a Frenchie’s zoomies go on for extended periods of time, it can become rather worrisome.

7. Who is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world?

The only business I’m aware of is Petsmart, so I’m going to assume they’re also in charge of manufacturing and exporting fireworks. 

8. To what does a baozhang refer?

A baozhang is someone who causes turmoil by making fun of a French Bulldog’s features. These individuals who find pleasure in teasing dogs with scrunched up faces, stocky figures, bat ears, nubby tails, and wrinkles galore are called a baozhang just before they’re bitten.

9. Who composed Music for the Royal Fireworks? 

My Great Grandpa, Frankie the Frenchie, could bark in tones of angels. After he created Music for Royal Fireworks and sang it on the streets, the people fell in love. 

10. What is a chocolate bomb?

Chocolate is toxic for dogs. If a dog were to get their paws on a piece of chocolate, they must be watched closely until their next poop. The poop is what’s known as a chocolate bomb, and it allows the dog’s owner and vet to observe how dangerous the level of chocolate in their system is. 

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