Being a TikTok influencer is all about the numbers—followers, views, comments—but during a creepy interaction for TikToker Michelle Kimball, it became about her phone number on her dog’s collar. 

In an interview with Inside Edition, Kimball detailed what happened while while walking her dog, a German Shepherd named Nilla, near her home in North Carolina. The unnamed man liked Kimball’s dog so much that he wanted a picture; however, his true intention was to zoom in on the information printed on the dog’s collar. Somehow, Kimball missed the man’s intent at the time (possibly because she was posting something on TikTok). Hours later, she received a text from an unknown number.

Kimball recalled, “I said, ‘I don’t know anybody by that name? How did you get my phone number?’ He said, ‘Oh, I got it off your dog’s collar.’”

The important takeaways from this incident are: do not publish your address or phone number and own an uglier dog so weirdos won’t feel compelled to approach you in the first place.