From the moment the boy became mobile, he was a nuisance to the family’s tiny dog—a chihuahua named Precious. 

If he wasn’t chasing Precious around the house banging pots or trying to squirt her with the hose in the backyard, his very presence shook her to the core with fear; every day, from the morning he arose until finally falling asleep, felt like a scene out of a Halloween horror. 

“You better be nice to her,” he was warned over and over again, but the advice fell on the deaf ears of a youngster with more wit than them. 

Every dog has their day, and Precious met hers as she was watching Mom leave for work from the bedroom window. Precious instinctively snapped when the boy startled her from behind, locking her jaws like a pit bull on his hand and leaving a scar that would serve as a reminder from that day forward.

It was a keepsake the boy didn’t know he never wanted.

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