For thirty consecutive years, the Labrador sat at the leaderboard of the American Kennel Club’s rankings—until recently. Currently, the top spot goes to the French Bulldog, and several minutes of interaction with or research into the breed will reveal why. Beyond the variety of their coat colors and patterns or unique stocky stature, consisting of a scrunched up, wrinkly face topped with bat ears, the Frenchie offers a range of reasons for becoming the newest member of your family.

You’ll Have A New Shadow

It’s actually rather sweet how needy Frenchies can be. Kiss your privacy good-bye. Whatever you’re doing, they want a part of. In addition to being the most popular breed, they are by far cuddliest canine of all. When seated, you’re guaranteed an instant lap warmer; while sleeping, they’ll be glued to your side—if you allow your pup in the bed. Curiosity may have killed the cat; however, it ensures a lovable French Bulldog will be attached to you like a third leg. 

Disclaimer: As special as it is to have a Frenchie, or any fur friend on your heels, it’s important to practice independence and time apart as a means of preventing various forms of separation anxiety down the road. 


Frenchies’ intelligence can often be masked by their stubbornness. They are very motivated with the use of a tasty reward system, eager to learn (especially with said treats), and their understanding of right and wrong is clear when they’ll stare directly at you and chew something that is known to be off limits. Though Frenchies have a reputation for being comfortable with minimal exercise, the more stimulation the better. 


Even when they know the “game” ends in timeout, Frenchies are up for a silly spar. Whether playing some form of keep away, fetch, or tug-of-war, the growls, skips, jumps, and chases are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Their ability to go on the offensive with a stealth speed combined with the frame of a bowling ball that can, at times, be impossible to stop make for pure puppy comedy. The best is when a French Bulldog comes down with case of the zoomies—a state of being when a high voltage electric current courses through their veins, forcing an uncontrollable sprint in every direction until the battery eventually drains. 

Disclaimer: Frenchies are extremely sensitive to heat, so their play in hot temperatures should be limited. Moreover, some Frenchies may not be aware of how to regulate their energy, which means they could play themselves into dangerous levels of exhaustion.

Conversation Starter

The days of avoiding interactions with the people in my neighborhood are over. From taking Francis on our daily walks, I know the names of individuals whom I wasn’t even aware lived on my block, their children, and even the dog they may be walking. I’ve enjoyed, more than I originally imagined I would, someone stopping me to chat it up about Francis or sharing their connection to some other Frenchie—no matter how near or far that connection is. 

Being that Francis demonstrates an overwhelming interest in receiving attention from the pedestrians we pass by within the community, I can understand their shared enthusiasm. When cars drive past slowly, or stop, to chat, it’s not something I’ve grown as accustomed to—though I should as it happens on a regular basis. 

Regardless of the situation, be ready to discuss your interest and fascination of the amazing French Bulldog with all.

Fun to Care For

Any naysayers—there’s always one—will repeat the rumor that Frenchies suffer a greater number of health issues than other breeds. Fact is, French Bulldogs may require a little more maintenance than other mutts; following a similar line of thought: you shouldn’t own a luxury vehicle because you’ll have to change the oil. Though a Frenchie’s oversized ears can collect excess dust, their wrinkles fill with gunk, or their snout can become dry from scouring the surroundings with deep interest, a stronger bond and further trust is formed throughout the cleaning process. Other daily grooming includes brushing their fur and teeth, which is fairly normal for every pooch. A few minutes a day for a lifetime of love seems like a fair deal to me. 

The love a French Bulldog will bring into your life will have you singing ooh-la-la.