At the Thoughts & Theories blog on Fridays, questions are presented in hopes respondents will take the truth and chew it top pieces. As the only bit of honesty in this post, it’s my first time participating in Fibbing Friday. Let’s see if my answers make you howl!

1. Exactly what did Columbus do in 1492?

Christopher Columbus’ goal was to put his handprint on the shore of every continent. Unfortunately, when he landed in North America, he spent the remainder of his life trying to figure out how to leave his imprint on Plymouth Rock.

2. Why does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving in October rather than November as the US does?

Since I’m a French Bulldog, I know the French translation for Thanksgiving is: action de grâces. Being that French is Canada’s first official language, the country wanted to take action and do something before the United States; therefore, they celebrate Thanksgiving a month before the US. 

3. Why do we carve pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween?

Jack-o-lanterns were designed as a scare tactic, and they work. Throughout the month of October, homes with Jack-o-lanterns experience no unwanted neighborhood dogs doing their business on lawns.

4. If “octo-“ means eight, then why is October the tenth month?

The months were created by the infamous pup Pluto, and he doesn’t know how to count.

5. Why do kids dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating on Halloween?

Before costumes were legalized in 1912, there were several hundred children attacked by household pets every year on Halloween. The reason for this: every block around the country had a group of kids who messed with the pets in the area, and when these same kids showed up on doorsteps looking for candy, the dogs and cats—primarily—would go on the offensive, sinking their teeth into youths’ soft flesh. The use of costumes eradicated this issue.

6. What is the movie Hocus Pocus about?

Hocus Pocus is about a dogcatcher named Hocus who would go around poking dogs, either to get them out of a hiding space or silence their barking. Spoiler alert: Hocus was fired for abusing his power. 

7. In the movie Halloween, why was Michael Myers sent to an insane asylum when he was only six-years-old?

During dinner time, Michael Myers would take his plate of food from the table, place it on the floor, and wolf down his meal as if he were the family dog. After years of counseling and medication, the family decided it would be best to institutionalize him. 

8. Continuing from the previous question, what did Myers do when he escaped approximately fifteen years later?

Upon escaping from the insane asylum, Michael Myers volunteered at a pet shelter until he realized his true passion was allowing souls to escape from humans by puncturing their skin with a humongous butcher knife. 

9. What was the movie Lost Boys about?

Lost Boys is about a group of male dogs who get lost in the city, and as they attempt to find their way back home, hilarity ensues. 

10. According to legend, why don’t vampires have a reflection?

Vampires, as it turns out, are distantly related to French Bulldogs. Like all dogs, vampires bark when they see something unexpected, such as their reflection in a mirror. Over time, vampires evolved in a way that allowed their reflection to remain hidden from view. Interestingly enough, the link between Frenchies and vampires is still evident as the French Bulldog’s ears are very bat-like in nature.

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