Dad lifted me up to the fountain for a much needed drink.

I had already chased two lizards back into their holes, licked a tasty wrapper on the ground, and Dad was getting plenty of exercise chasing after the ball.

I was locked into Dad’s next throw, which rolled and rested against a fence. Just as I was about to grab the ball and bring it back, a strange creature crawled out of nowhere and stared at me with more eyes than I could count. 

Something must have been wrong with my eyesight because this thing had twice as many legs as anything else I’d ever encountered, so I began pawing at it, searching for an answer to it being real or a figment of my imagination.

“Those kinds of spiders are poisonous,” Dad said as he scooped me into his arms, and I noticed his voice sounded like it does when he’s done playing fetch for the day.

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