The internet has a strange way of providing self-reflection. I found a meme today that fit me like a flavored Nylabone on my taste buds. 

Although I have noticed myself winding up in timeout a bit more lately, Mom and Dad do tell me that I’m a good boy on a regular basis. I do want to be that good boy all the time, but it seems there’s a demon deep within me trying to escape. When that unpredictable monster makes its way out, a flurry is unleashed—zoomies galore, chewing my bed apart, grabbing the baby clothes, ripping apart the potty pads, running off with socks or another dropped item of importance to my humans.

The entire exorcism is bittersweet. Mom and Dad get a chuckle out of my antics; however, in the same breath, they’re annoyed at having to corner me, grab me, and carry me to my house (crate). For me, it’s extremely exhilarating running around like a furry bowling ball, discovering how long it takes someone to stop my behavior; then, I’m forced to suffer in timeout for a bit. 

More often than not, the ghoul deep within my gut goes back into hiding. There have been several instances where the process must be repeated several times before I’m able to feel right again. 

Since memes are an embodiment of real-life, I guess this means that I won’t have to worry about another short sentence in puppy Sing Sing in a couple months. Right?

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