“You better believe I want to go!”

Skin Dad always asks me if I want to go for a walk, as if it’s really a question that needs answering. When I’m not looking for a lap to warm or food, I’m eager to scout the neighborhood on a stroll around the block.

A delicious smell wafted from the house of a woman Skin Dad said was named Karen. Come to think of it, the only times I’ve heard Skin Dad mention Karen was when he’d walk through the front door and say to Skin Mom, “I got another lecture from that bitch, Karen, about the garbage cans.” 

I could see Karen working in her kitchen, but I don’t think she could see me; I was giving her the same face that I give Skin Dad before he tells me I’m cute and makes my favorite treats magically appear. I dug my feet into Karen’s yard like the stakes securing a tent and refused to break my stare until Skin Dad yanked me away using this doggone connector that went from his hand to my outfit. Just before I was uprooted from the lawn, I noticed a picture hanging over Karen’s shoulder. This picture:

Skin Dad and I were back on the move, but my mind flashed to my little, Skin Brother, Devin. I imagined growing up with Devin and sharing tons of treats, cuddles, and adventures. Devin is currently one-month-old, which means my options with him are greatly limited. Regardless of his limitations, he’s already shown me all sorts of signs that he’ll be my best friend as soon as he can hold his head up without assistance: his two favorite activities are sleeping and eating. We’re like two pups in a blanket. 

The remainder of my walk with Skin Dad was like connecting to another flight in a busy airport terminal; by focusing on the path from point A to point B, much of the surrounding crowds of people never come into view. Next thing I realized, Skin Dad escorted me through the door. 

Before getting a drink of water, I checked on Devin’s progress.

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