Arf! Arf! I’m Francis—more formally known as Francis the Frenchie. Welcome to my site, a place for chronicling my perspective on this whacky world I learn more about each and every day.

My breeder, Cali Select Kennels, and the American Kennel Club registered me as a standard fawn, but the sunlight reveals a colorful coat, ranging from speckles of blonde to the chocolate stripe down my back; the black accents on my muzzle, across my eyes, and dotting the back of my ears help the various shades of brown pop. 

Aside from my coloring, my facial features and thick, sturdy frame are usually first to grab people’s attention. I may wear a sad look, but, truth is, I couldn’t be a happier pup, especially when meeting a new person or hearing my bowl filled with food. Once my fifteen pounds of mass get moving, it’s difficult to stop, and you better not mistake me for a slowpoke based on my build, because I can definitely get from here to there at lightning speeds. 

Some of my favorite activities include: going for walks around the neighborhood, training with my Dad, going for car rides, playing with my toys, breakfast, dinner, and whenever someone shares a bit of their banana with me. Days are filled with love and positivity, and my job of being a good listener and bringing joy to others couldn’t be going any better.

I’m eleven-months old. My house is filled with Dad, Mom, a little human brother, and all the snuggles I could possibly hope for. Every lap and heart is warmer with me in it; the feeling, based on what my family tells me on a regular basis, is reciprocated. 

My journey has just begun, and I’m excited to have you all join me. I’d like to meet even more people along the way and engaging with my blog posts or social media pages will help me do just that! Feedback or praise is the best treat anyone can give me here.

Arf! Arf!

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